Please follow the given steps and send the Challenge Key from the licensing service console along with a screenshot of the remaining license and locked license file to

  • Click C:\Program Files (x86)\Tzunami\Deployer 3.5 Licensing Service and run LicensingConsole.exe. The Tzunami Licensing Service Console window appears.
  • Select Lock License Tab.

  • Read the message carefully and select ‘I understand the meaning of locking the license and I wish to continue’ option in the Lock License tab. This will enable Save License & Lock button.
  • Click Save and Lock License.  Licensing Service Console window appears asking you ‘Please type the “licensing service” in the textbox below.


  • Type ‘licensing service’ in the Text box and click Ok and save the locked license file.
  • Go back to the "Licensing Service" tab and take a screenshot of the remaining quota and save it.
  • Copy the Challenge Key.
  • Send the locked license file, screenshot, and the new Challenge Key to