In some cases, after performing an export from Documentum using the Tzunami Documentum Exporter, some errors might occur when trying to download files from the Documentum API. This is a known issue, since some files in Documentum are empty (meaning, have zero pages to them) which prevents them from being downloaded. The exception is thrown by the Documentum API itself while trying to download the file. We can see errors in the Export Reports, and in the Exporter logs which confirm this.




To overcome such exceptions , you can use the “Item Processor” feature in the Exporter. When you use this feature, it will create a 'dummy file' for such problematic items in order to prevent the exceptions. The way to use this feature is to provide the FULL path of a DLL file which contains the Item Processor implementation (in the installation path of the Exporter), as shown in the screenshot below:


Before trying the above, please make sure you are using the latest updated version of Documentum Exporter.


For more information, please contact the Tzunami Support team at: .