In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step for a successful migration from Atlassian Confluence to SharePoint using Tzunami Deployer.

We will go over the four main steps of the migration process:

First, we will export the source content from confluence.

Then, we will load the content to a deployer project.

Next, we will perform the virtual deployment along with all its relevant configurations.

Finally, we'll commit our migration specifications into any SharePoint.

Create a new migration project:

In order to create a new project, select desired source system and target SharePoint.

Now our new project is ready for migration.

As you can see, a deployer project is divided into two areas: the top area is for the source content (in our case, the content extracted from Confluence) and the bottom area is for the target SharePoint.

        1. Export the data from the Confluence server:

In order to migrate confluence data, we must first export it. This is done by right-clicking the source panel of the deployer window and selecting “export confluence to TDX”. (TDX is a file type created by Tzunami to handle the migration process).

        2. Connecting to target SharePoint

In the target panel of deployer we'll load the data from our target SharePoint by right-clicking the target panel and then click “connect to SharePoint “. We now have the connection wizard. Click “next” to continue. We are required to specify the connection details and next, we'll enter our credentials and then click “connect”. Tzunami Deployer reads the entire target SharePoint environment for a virtual migration.

        3. Deployment

To deploy content from our source (confluence) to our target SharePoint we can drag and drop our selected content to the desired destination in the target.

Deployer automatically suggests some of the basic mappings. We need to select the property from the source list and the matching property from the target list and click “map”. 

Please note: Until now, nothing is migrated into the target SharePoint – Deployer provides a virtual migration. Once you are ready to upload your data and configuration into SharePoint – press Commit.

        4. Commit to SharePoint

We'll start the migration to SharePoint by click on the “Commit” button.

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