The Tzunami Deployer checks the current license (includes quotas as per ECM’s, Time Duration and number of operations) with the Tzunami Licensing Service for SharePoint 2013 Online.

To ensure a successful migration, you must install and configure the Tzunami Deployer to communicate with the Tzunami Deployer Licensing Service.

To redirect the Tzunami Deployer to work with the Tzunami Licensing Service on the different machine for SharePoint 2013 Online:

1. Click Start > All Programs > Tzunami > Settings Manager 3.0.

By default, the Settings Manager is located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tzunami\Deployer 3.0” or where theTzunami Deployer is installed.

2. In the Licensing Service, enter the Name or IP Address of the machine where the Tzunami Licensing Service is installed.

3. Click OK to Save.

Please email the Support Team at: if you have any additional inquiries.