1 About SharePoint 2001 Exporter

SharePoint 2001 Exporter enables migrating SharePoint 2001 content into SharePoint Server 2010/SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPS2010/SPF2010), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007/Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (MOSS/WSS3.0), or Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003/Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 (SPS2003/WSS2.0) using Tzunami Deployer.

To load SharePoint 2001 content into Tzunami Deployer, you must first extract the content, using SharePoint 2001 Exporter, into TDX (Tzunami Deployer Export) and STDX (Separate Tzunami Deployer Export) files. You can then load this TDX file into a Deployer project.

Note: When working with Deployer on several machines, you can run an export on one machine and load the exported data on another.

Supported Types

The following items are exported from SharePoint 2001:
• Folders.
• Documents.


In addition to the structure and items, SharePoint 2001 Exporter extracts security information of the folders containing those items. The following permissions are used in the exporter:
• Readers.
• Authors.
• Approvers.
• Coordinators.

Each item is assigned an ACL defining the permissions of the various members according to the roles they were assigned.

Note: The exporter automatically creates five default roles that are used during the deployment process. The roles include Readers (Readers permission), Authors (Authors and Readers permissions), Approvers (Approvers, Authors and Readers permissions), Only Approvers (Approvers permission), and Coordinators (Approvers, Authors, Coordinators and Readers permissions).


2 Installing the Exporter

SharePoint 2001 Exporter is installed during Tzunami Deployer installation. For instructions on installing Tzunami Deployer, refer to the Tzunami Deployer Installation Guide.

SharePoint 2001 Exporter requires the Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Client Components for Backward-Compatible Document Libraries. You can find these Client Components on the SPS2003 Installation CD or at the following website:



3 Exporting from SharePoint 2001


The exporter enables you to export SharePoint 2001 content to a TDX file.

Note: When exporting, keep the following in mind: Export in small chunks. When exporting from your source system, perform the export in small chunks of about 40K-50K files each that have a common business logic or some other logic. Ensure consistency. Make sure that the content of the different exports does not overlap and that, while exporting, no changes are made to the source data.

To export to a TDX file:
1. In Tzunami Deployer, right-click in the SharePoint 2001 tab source store area and select Export SharePoint 2001 to TDX.
The Export SharePoint 2001 Data window appears for entering export information.




2. Click OK to start the extraction process. A progress window appears.

Notes: You can click Cancel at any time to cancel the export process. If the export folder already exists, a warning appears, informing you that the destination folder already exists and if you continue all existing information will be deleted. Clicking OK confirms the overwrite, and clicking Cancel returns you to the Export SharePoint 2001 Data Folder screen to change the destination folder.

An Exporting screen appears with a progress bar, and the export process begins.


After the extraction process completes successfully, you are prompted to load the exported data into the current Tzunami Deployer project. Clicking Yes begins the process of loading the content from the previously exported TDX file into the project. For more information about loading sources, refer to the Tzunami Deployer User Guide.


4 Extending the Exporter License

Tzunami SharePoint 2001 Exporter uses a default license that can be used for evaluation purposes. This license is limited in the number of items that are exported. If the license does not match your evaluating needs, contact support@tzunami.com for an extended license. For this purpose you will need to provide the Product Serial Code, and then enter the License Key you receive back from the Tzunami.

To retrieve the Tzunami Product Serial Code:
1. Select Start > Programs > Tzunami > Tzunami License Update.
Tzunami License Update window opens (Figure 3).


2. Click Copy. This copies the Product Serial Code to the clipboard.
3. Paste the contents of the clipboard into an email and send it to the Tzunami Support Team at support@tzunami.com.

To extend the Tzunami license:
4. Select Start > Programs > Tzunami > Tzunami License Update.
Tzunami License Update window opens (Figure 3).
5. Click Browse and select the new License Key file received from the Tzunami Support Team.

Note: If an error message appears, contact the Tzunami Support Team at support@tzunami.com.

Download a PDF version of this guide at:  https://www.tzunami.com/download/sps2001/sps2001-Guide