You can connect and load SharePoint Online either as a source or target in Tzunami Deployer. In order to load SharePoint Online as a target, you must first connect to SharePoint Online for which you need a user account with the following permissions:

  • The user must be a member of SharePoint Online Service Administrator, global administrator or top-level administrator for your organization.
  • The user must be a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator of SharePoint Site Collection.
  • The user running Tzunami Deployer needs to be a Local Administrator (to get Registry and File System access).

To connect and load SharePoint Online

1.   Click Data > Target SharePoint Online> Connect to SharePoint.

Right-click on the Target SharePoint Online tab and select Connect to SharePoint. The SharePoint Online Connection Wizard appears. Select  SharePoint Online option.

    2.    Click Next. The Connection Wizard progresses to the Access SharePoint Server screen.

    3.    In the Site Collection URL field, enter the URL of the Site Collection. 

           For e.g.:
    4.    Specify a Different username and enter a password in the Password field.

If Tzunami Deployer fails to connect to SharePoint Online, you need to verify that you provided all the required permissions to the user, as specified above in the guide.
Clicking Errors only filters the displayed progress messages to show error messages only.
Clicking Auto-scroll scrolls down to display the latest progress messages, as they appear.

    5.    Click Next. The Connection Wizard progresses to the Web Applications screen.

    6.    Select one or more Web Applications to load and click Next

           The SharePoint Structure appears with two tabs: Sites and Content.
    7.    In The Sites tab, select SharePoint Online Site Collection to load into the Deployer Project.

Loading of SharePoint Online content may be a lengthy process and depending on the amount of content, the type of network, and the workload of the SharePoint Online.
When connecting to Microsoft SharePoint Online, it is not necessary to select site collection and item to load into the project. We recommend you to only load the site collection and portal sites that are the targets for your current project.
Site collection and Items that are not loaded at this stage appear grayed out in the Project window. Such items can be reloaded at a later time.

    8.    Click Sites Tab to load the SharePoint site collection and portal sites.

Enables you to Find the site collection containing the text in the site collection by typing in the text box.
Read subsites
  • Immediate – Reads immediate subsites of selected Site Collection.
  • All – Reads all subsites of selected Site Collection.
Reverse Check
Enables to toggle the selection of sites.

    9. In Content tab, select List Types content to load into the Tzunami Deployer.

        You can decide whether to load items and their versions.

    10.  Click Content Tab to load the Site contents

List Types

No lists are loaded.
Libraries Only
Only libraries are loaded.
All Lists
All types of lists are loaded.
Read Folders

None (faster)
No folders of lists and libraries are loaded.
Immediate Child Folders
Only immediate folders are loaded.
All Folders
All folders are loaded.
Read Items Versions

No items (faster)
No folders of lists and libraries are loaded.
Latest version only
Only immediate folders are loaded.
All versions (slower)
All folders are loaded

    11. Click Next. The Thank you for using the Connection Wizard screen appears.
    12. Click Done. Tzunami Deployer begins scanning the SharePoint Online and loads information.
          A Results window appears, displaying the load progress.

When the loading process is complete, you can browse the SharePoint Online structure in the Project window.