Make sure you're using the latest version of Tzunami Deployer, version 2.8 to take advantage of the enhancements and bug fixes.  All customers with a valid support and maintenance contract have access to upgrade to the latest version.  Please contact the Tzunami Support Team for the newest download link.

 Tzunami Deployer 2.8 Upgrade:

 Prior to installing this upgrade, you should uninstall any existing version of Tzunami Deployer.  Make sure to save all Deployer projects before uninstalling Tzunami Deployer.  You'll be able to use all saved projects with the newest version of Deployer 2.8

 Tzunami Service Components Upgrade:

A new version of Tzunami Remote Service and Tzunami Licensing Service was released.  In order to avoid incompatibility issues, we advise all customers to upgrade the Licensing Service and Remote Service.  You'll need to uninstall the existing versions, prior to installing the update.

Before uninstalling the Licensing Service, please perform the following steps to ensure the remaining license quota is preserved

1.      Before updating the version  of the Licensing Service, you will have to lock and save the license in the licensing service console.  You will need to send us the locked license along with the Challenge Key which is generated after pressing the Save and Lock License button. 

2.      Then, you will be able to uninstall the existing version of the Remote Service and Licensing Service.  

3.      Install version 2.8 of the Remote Service and Licensing Service from the link provided by Tzunami Support Team.

During the installation you will be probed for username and password. Please use farm account here as this will be the user to run the remote service.  Finish other regular steps and the service components will be upgraded to 2.8.

4.      Send the Suppot Team the new challenge key from the NEW installation of the licensing service console

5.      We’ll send you an updated license – you’ll have to load it back into the licensing service console

Using this method, all components of Tzunami Deployer will be upgraded, and your license will be preserved.