The quota you have purchased and that is reflected in your license is “used up” only when actually committing in Deployer, meaning when the actions are being written to SharePoint.

This means you can run unlimited exports, load source/target content, do various deployments and open as many Deployer projects as you wish.

The quota will be deducted from the license shown in the Licensing Service Console, only after you commit the actions to SharePoint.

Also, you can control the quota used for your projects by generating limited Deployer licenses, which are a subset of the limitations of the Licensing Service license.

To determine how much remaining quota you have left in your license, simply open the Licensing Service console (Right-click the Tzunami Licensing Service tray-icon, and select Show Console, or Run the Tzunami Licensing Service Console executable).

In the Licensing Service console, you can check the remaining quota you have left from each source system, along with other details about your license:



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